August 23, 2014

Painted stools

Hello! We found a few stools at the Hospice Shop and they have served as bedside tables for the last year. We like the idea of not having a cabinet or bedside table with lots of shelves, because they just get messy and full of stuff! These stools only have room for a book or two, a glass of water and a phone so they are perfect for what we need. 

All they needed were a light sand, a quick paint and then another sand to give them the distressed, weathered look we were after. 

We are slowly trying to declutter and simplify our space, and it feels good! x

Duvet cover is from Ikea, and our amazing fluffy pillow is from the Warehouse.


  1. Looks really lovely Anna. Is yellow your favourite colour? X

  2. Thank you! Yes I do rather like yellow - especially around the house! xx