January 13, 2014

NYE Twenty Thirteen

We began a new holiday tradition this summer - a (very late and probably not that thanksgivingy) thanksgiving dinner together outside under the trees. We decided NYE was the best night for it for this year. Mum had quickly sewn a table runner and picked up some white muslin before leaving Sydney so all we needed was to add some wild flowers and some yummy food. Sisters three and four provided some rather hilarious entertainment as we went flower/weed picking down behind the bach, and then we set the table. My family are some of my best friends, and I loved hearing what they were thankful for in 2013. 
We had meringues and berries for dessert and finished the night by toasting marshmallows on the backyard fire. 
Best NY ever I think!


HAPPY 2014!! Here's to a year full of adventure, friendships, challenges and fun!