December 25, 2014

Christmas Wrapping 2014

I'm back!! The first Baby Jones is on it's way in May next year and so the blog has taken a little back seat for a few months.

But I'm just in time for a little Christmas Eve wrapping show and tell. Nice and simple this year - these cards were some little thank you gifts for a few people. The red decorations were from our local Christmas shop.

I love this jar from K-mart ($6), I wish I'd stocked up!

And here is the family wrapping for the year. Decorations also from the Christmas shop, and white tulle and card is from Spotlight.

We are working and travelling over the next week or two but I'm looking forward to getting back into my paper craft and posting all about it on here soon.
Thanks so much to those who have had a peek at the blog this year, I hope you have been inspired in some way!

A x