December 20, 2013

Christmas wrapping

Christmas wrapping this year is brown paper and this beeeautiful green - I made these tags a few weeks ago  and then found some matching ribbon at Little Paper Lane. 
We are enjoying a nice long break from work at the moment, tripping around Sydney, Bali and soon Wellington, Christchurch and finally Taupo.

Thanks so much to all who have followed the blog over the last year - I kept my New Years resolution to start Oh Paper and keep it going for the whole year and am stoked to have had 15,000 page views.
Looking forward to lots of papery goodness in 2014, including the opening of my little online shop over on!

May you know joy, hope, love and peace this Christmas season x

December 7, 2013

Flower headbands

This is part two to the dinner party post...we got a bit crafty over dessert and made some super cute flower headbands. Spotlight stocks packs of little fabric flowers, and we used a needle and thread to sew them onto a thick cord, also from Spotlight. I worked out it probably cost about $2-3 each to make - a pretty + cheap home made gift! They also work well as bracelets x 

December 3, 2013

Will you come to dinner?

As part of my job I have a small group of girls who I try to spend a lot of time with - they are refreshing, a mix of different personalities and life stories. 
We had a little dinner together to end the year and welcome summer (although we had to have it inside as Taranaki had been issued with a heavy rain warning!) 
We ate, laughed and talked a whole lot..
We also did a little crafting which I'll post about later on.

Dinner parties are fun! x