April 27, 2013

We heart holidays

Some incredibly generous people blessed us with a few nights at a place down the coast, we feel so relaxed and ready to tackle another term of craziness! Check out a few of our pics...

I packed up a little basket of paper and ribbon so that I could work on a few projects. Here's a sneak peek at something I'm working on for my little online shop on a craft website. I just have to choose between 6 logos J has designed for me. Watch this space! Bless you x

April 25, 2013

A few papery things I've been working on...

For my Mama's birthday I designed a little present - 50 things we admire/love about our Mama. Each of the four sisters contributed and we tied the tags in little bundles with brown string. I found a cute jar at a market in Sydney, and we popped the 50 tags in and presented it to her at her Tea Party.

We love designing little invitations and event flyers, neither of us know a thing about design but we love it and that's all that matters right?! We currently tinkling with a design for our EP cover, exciting stuff!

Let me introduce you to the Tissue Paper Pom Pom (used here as a flower, but also looks sweet hanging from the roof or trees on nylon). For many years my family and I have made these super easy pom poms. All you need is some tissue paper (cheapest at discount stores/$2 shops), some thin wire or a stapler and some scissors. Check out the instructions here: Martha Stewart

These bags can be picked up at any packaging store, and are great for little gifts or treat bags! I used some stickers from a Kikki K book of stickers I bought last year, and found some coloured twine in the bottom of my nest of ribbon. These three are ready to be filled with lollies and dropped off to some friends.

And a little bit of wrapping goodness to finish up this post. Brown paper is my bestest wrapping paper friend, and I'm still obsessed with yellow, so it features a bit in these posts. Don't you love the cloud paper on the card?! (Spotlight NZ)

I spray painted these wooden anchors (Spotlight Australia) for our Christmas tree last year, and now I've been using them for wrapping presents. Washi tape makes any piece of paper look 10 times better - ahhhhh Washi tape I do love you!

April 15, 2013

Blogs worth a looksie

I have a tiny obsession with some of these blogs - these are just five of my faves - get clickiiinnggg x

1. A Beautiful Mess (my all time favourite everything blog)

2. Paper and Lace (the ultimate wedding blog)

3. SF Girl by Bay (beautiful style blog)

4. Young House Love (AMAZING house blog)

5. My Cakies (just generally awesome - her girls are so incredibly cute!)

April 13, 2013

Sweet Shop Party

Today I had a heap of fun helping out at a 5th birthday party. Was so nice to go along on the day and help put together all the things Fiona had been working on - so many cute ideas, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Emma the birthday girl!

Party tin to take home

Moving on to the next thing now - I have 20 teenage girls coming tonight for dinner, nail painting and a movie! x

April 11, 2013

Clipboard fun

Hey friends, sorry for the little gap in posts - Easter is one of our biggest weekends for work, so it's taken me awhile to get back into creating things. This project is super easy...all you need is a computer, printer and a clipboard (so cheap from the Warehouse or most stationary stores). I love having a play around with fonts and colours - these are three pieces I've recently created. Enjoy! x