December 20, 2013

Christmas wrapping

Christmas wrapping this year is brown paper and this beeeautiful green - I made these tags a few weeks ago  and then found some matching ribbon at Little Paper Lane. 
We are enjoying a nice long break from work at the moment, tripping around Sydney, Bali and soon Wellington, Christchurch and finally Taupo.

Thanks so much to all who have followed the blog over the last year - I kept my New Years resolution to start Oh Paper and keep it going for the whole year and am stoked to have had 15,000 page views.
Looking forward to lots of papery goodness in 2014, including the opening of my little online shop over on!

May you know joy, hope, love and peace this Christmas season x

December 7, 2013

Flower headbands

This is part two to the dinner party post...we got a bit crafty over dessert and made some super cute flower headbands. Spotlight stocks packs of little fabric flowers, and we used a needle and thread to sew them onto a thick cord, also from Spotlight. I worked out it probably cost about $2-3 each to make - a pretty + cheap home made gift! They also work well as bracelets x 

December 3, 2013

Will you come to dinner?

As part of my job I have a small group of girls who I try to spend a lot of time with - they are refreshing, a mix of different personalities and life stories. 
We had a little dinner together to end the year and welcome summer (although we had to have it inside as Taranaki had been issued with a heavy rain warning!) 
We ate, laughed and talked a whole lot..
We also did a little crafting which I'll post about later on.

Dinner parties are fun! x

November 29, 2013

Come fly with us...

A few weeks back we held an event at work and the theme was "Come fly with us". We went with old airline tickets, posters, and boarding passes for promotion, got some free Air New Zealand lollies and I designed these table centrepieces. They took a bit of work, but with lots of help from others - they came together! I did spend quite a lot of time with my clouds (23 tables meant 23 clouds to shape), but overall was quite happy with the result!

November 24, 2013

Pom Pom Garland

A few weeks ago I went over the road to our new discount store, and found a few packs of craft pom poms. I made two garlands and used the little one for my sister's birthday present. They took about 5 minutes to make with a needle and cotton. I heart discount stores!



October 17, 2013

Paper obsession

My present wrapping obsession continues - you get to share in the results!

I found some cute anchor buttons at the hospice shop, looking forward to trying this with a few different buttons too. 

My mum sent me a little present - beautifully wrapped as always!

I played around with a paper coaster and a sticker from one of my Kikki K sticker books.

I found a picture in an old Frankie magazine, and matched this delightful ribbon with it. 
You can never go wrong with brown paper!

October 7, 2013

Mr Modge Podge

I introduced myself to Modge Podge last week! It's kind of like a glue and varnish all in one. Used it to make this little candle - pretty stoked with how it came out, but I wish I'd used the other paper with the pot plants on it. 
Ah well, I'm happy (even if J did think it looked Christmassy!)

September 28, 2013

All wrapped up!

One: Mothers Day present wrapping earlier in the year.
Sewing pattern with a little splash of yellow twine.

Two: One of my birthday presents from the family.
Sweet paper and ribbon from Little Paper Lane.

Three: A little gift from one of my sisters.
I heart the pom pom twine...need to get me some!

September 23, 2013

To simply create

After an especially busy few weeks, I'm back in the blogging world! 
A dear friend of mine challenged me to make time to just create for an hour a week. No agenda, no other people, no set projects, no blog post in mind. So I took up the challenge and this was the very simple project from the first week:

A paper doily, tape, a canvas and some white spray paint.

I challenge you to create something simple this week too!

September 2, 2013