May 25, 2014

Alex's 21st

This weekend we celebrated Sister Number Three's 21st in Sydney. It was a team effort (in fact I only made the paper flowers and helped place a few things!) Below are a mixture of "before" and "during" photos. I'm just a little bit in love with the blackboard sign, hand-chalked by one of Alex's friends, and the 21 photos hanging on the fairy lights. 

The paper flowers were inspired by this blog. I decided to make mine on dark green string, and used the floral tape to completely cover the end of each flower. I'm looking forward to trying a floral wreath on wire when I get home.

Enjoy the little snippet of a very fun party!
P.S Aren't my family beautiful?! Crazy blessed.

May 22, 2014

Party Jar

One of my sisters turned 21 yesterday! We are travelling to Sydney for her party but I thought she needed something to open in Wellington seeing as none of the fam could be with her on the actual day. It was pretty fun putting together this Party in a Jar! I pulled together things I already had at home, and then bought a few packets of lollies to fill it out. Everything you need for a mini party of your own!

May 20, 2014

Gratitude, Lessons + Ideas #2

This month I'm thankful for:
 - The opportunity to meet regularly with young girls from this community, what a privilege.
- The flexibility to change around my jobs so that I am making the most of my time.

- Talking about yourself is quite difficult! But I did it here in an interview over at Zuubi Blog.
- People are so interesting - we can learn a lot from each other.

(from the minds of other people!)
Packing tape transfers over on A Beautiful Mess, this team of talented people never ceases to amaze me!

More paper flowers on this gem of a blog.

I follow Papered Throughts on Instagram and am constantly inspired by her work. Creative wonderwoman! I love this shot of her room.

May 12, 2014

Paper flowers

I am part of the Bell Block Art Collective which is a group who get together every fortnight to try a different project. Five of us take turns tutoring the nights, and it's a lot of fun! I ran a paper flower tutorial a while back and now have two lovely new paper flowers on the piano! I take no credit for designing this pretty project...You can find the tutorial I use here.