March 10, 2013

Tea Party

Today we had Mama's 50th Tea Party in the garden. We spent the morning preparing, and this was the result...Enjoy x

Kate hand painted a sign + I arranged some doily lanterns and tissue paper pompoms in an old carriage

Pre party photo
Tea anyone?

Love the old suitcase
Paper straws + pink lemonade

The birthday lady and me

Pretty wrapping - well done Gail!

Muslin bunting flags sewn by Mama + a giant pompom flower I made this morning (tutorial to come soon - they are so easy I can do them with my eyes closed!)

Present time!

The tea making station

Cupcakes by Mama + Macaroons by Pattisons

Food by the lovely Jane!

Our flower market findings

My beautiful family minus Jeff x


  1. Love it - so clever Anna. Where was this held? What a gorgeous family photos x

  2. gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous!

  3. Love it <3 now come do one for me hehehe x

  4. Thanks friends! Christina - this is Mum and Dad's front garden, I was so excited that I could come over for a quick weekend trip. Hope you are well xx

  5. Beautiful family photo. Beautiful party.

  6. i Love Kendrew Family Photos....sooo beautiful you all are